The Future


In the not so distant future a new fad will take off.

Fad: Spoiled Salad

How it starts:

First, some high class chefs in NY will bring to table a menu item called “Spoiled Salad”, It’s basically produce that was founded from grocery store rummage bins since the cost of food is inflating so high. This political act will be well received by the left and start a unique culinary movement.

Soon, many restaurants will be serving such a salad, some restaurants might even call it “Dumpster Salad”. Thing is, they will charge no less than $6.00 or inflation equivalent for this dish, even though it’s spoiled or near spoiled greens/ vegetables.

Soon enough, the people will be eating out of dumpsters.

How did we get to this?

Throughout history Peasants have been eating what the “rich” consider to be “Classless”, only for the rich to turn around and start claiming it’s a delicacy; see “Lobster”, “Balogna”, etc etc