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Snackbag #02



No, I’m Kroosty, but California Uber Alles is a crazy good punk song with a wild hook, especially better when the chorus kicks in:

California über alles
California über alles
Über alles, California
Über alles, California

It’s something about a paranoid take on Jerry Brown and how he seemed to have all the signs of a fascist liberal, though the song hasn’t aged very well because I’d argue he’s anything but fascist. Anyways, that’s not why were gathered here today. Dearly deported, we are gathered here to discuss a new and mysterious artist, MIRISY.

I first got introduced to this artists music through a Facebook group I’m in: “Weird Music for Weird People“. This group has a collection of unique members who share songs they think are weird, and from time to time some of them use the group as a way to promote themselves. Sometimes that doesn’t work out so well and we end up hearing the artists bedroom recordings that probably should have stayed there (in their bedrooms), but not is the case with MIRISY.

Melancholy. Introspection. Lofi. Bedroom pop. These are some of the feelings and thoughts that surface after accidentally dosing a track or two of MIRISY’s music. The song, “To Get back” for example, fills me with existential dread. It has a real simple arrangement, a very minimalistic approach. It’s a guitar with a few notes and some reverb and then MIRISY’s vocals. The star of the show on this track is the vocals, MY GOD listening to them along the rails of that simple guitar arrangement makes me want to cry.

Hearing MIRISY sing, It’s like Alice in Wonderland when the flowers came alive and started singing to Alice with the sweetest, most sincere voice.. and all at once they start criticizing her bad decision making.

The vocals on all this artists tracks are outstanding, sincere, raw, just the most beautiful.. and all I can ever think about when hearing MIRISY is some kind of mutation of Portishead – And I mean that with so much endearment.

Uh, writing this now I have “To Get Back” playing on loop and it’s put me in this strongly introspective headspace. I feel like I could fall asleep and to catch me as I land in my dream are these cherub, angel babies flying around me as I fall through the clouds, waiting to be saved through their intervention but instead being silently judged as I fall to my end.

See the source image

MIRISY has crafted a very impressive track. But take it easy on this one as too many listens is akin to too many drinks, it makes the heart grow fond and fonder and puts your humble host (ME) in a melancholic stupor. So, on to the next track, “Mine“.

This is some amazing musicianship right here. We have the sincere MIRISY succulence that soothes your anxious mind coupled with triphop aesthetics, and it’s fucking. Beautiful. The result is a super chill listening experience that you might enjoy on a nice night-time joyride in the city, windows down and body relaxed, sunglasses on and all that shit.

For me personally, this artist is on my watch list. The music is right in my wheelhouse and I vibe to it, hard. I guarantee this artist will at the very least grow a strong cult following.

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