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Snackbag #03

Je De.

Kroosty know’s a few things about French (le Francais). And one thing that confuses me about this guys online handle is that I can’t exactly accept the phonetic breakdown. Example, the phonetical pronunciation for “Je De ” is something like “shey + day”. At first I thought it was J.D. (you know, phonetically pronounced “JAY DEE”) but life is not so simple. It’s almost fitting, you know? With this guy, there’s no way to tell what the fuck is up, he’s like a shapeshifter capable of embodying the moment (any moment) and to me, that’s kind of like his signature.

Over at the Weird Music For Weird People fb group, Je De has made many submissions, each of them distinctively his sound, but musically diverse enough we can easily tell Je De loves to experiment with the communication of sound. As of writing this, his most recent submission: “Let’s Commit Suicide” (what a fuckin’ title huh?) opens with a foreboding qt 3.14, saying in a down pitch “We’re gonna have a good time!”

to then have the track spinning up a lo-fi loop that quickly becomes disturbing. The beat kicks in like the beginning of a Hard-Style track and this creepy, distorted overdub of a man and woman talking starts playing quietly – you can only hear every other word. The track maintains this spacey, horror atmosphere to it and drops off a cliff leaving you feel kind of disturbed and paranoid. There is a serious tone of.. well, ‘seriousness’ to this track. I’d be surprised to NOT see this track scoring the ending credits to an independent film (seriously it would be a crime to not use this track on an indie horror).

Check out Je De’s Youtube Channel here and give him some subscription love: Je De

Like I was saying earlier in this post, Je De is a bit of an enigma, a shape-shifter even in that he has the ability to take on distorted emotional feelings or states of being and spin them up in the form of songs. He also has his portfolio of music strewn about the internet. Hell, some of his art seems to be exclusive to the fb group.

Skinny Puppy, Up-Beat post-punk
Deep base, dark textures, deep lyrics

Something I’d really love is to see some live performances of the man doing his work. The textures he’s capable of putting together and assembling are other-worldly, like they belong to a dimension one semitone away from our ours. Overall, I look forward to seeing his posts for only the fact his releases are quality, and I find myself fascinated by his capabilities in communicating musically.

You can find a good selection of his work on Spotify: Spotify – Pink Oranges 47

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