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Snackbag #04

Love is in the air, or, how I got wonderfully Rogered.

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The Rogers. Legend has it, there is really only one roger. But in a sexually explicit, Kroosty manifestation that has no safe words, there are many.

Let me take you by the hand and walk you through the musical odyssey of a WMFWP (weird music for weird people) post. If you’re not piqued in the first 10 seconds of this track then get the fuck off this blog you phillistine.

Jah , (it’s) A Psychedelic Dawn. That’s the name of the track I’m featuring, it belongs to the album “Sandy Trails” by “The Rogers”, who are(or is?) a group of maybe 1 or more people; there is no official confirmation about the band roster, it’s a complete fuckin’ mystery. The way I came about finding this track in the first place had to do with this person in our most unholy and bot trodden cesspool of filth shithole Facefuck music group. So, let’s put into perspective the song title which gives hint to some Dutch DNA in this offering. Now for this next part, take some allowance of slack for your humble Kroosty because I now need to assume pronouns; One look over at His/Their bandcamp page and you’ll find this:

Basically, yeah; Dutch confirmed.

Now the next thing we do is look at the bandcamp url:

If you can read that shit, it says “”.

This can only mean one thing. To discover who the Rogers actually are, we need to search “Fixie-Tapes” on youtube. It is only then we can discover the identity of the…

The fuck.. There’s no identity to uncover here. But at least we’ve been able to find another Rogers song. Similarly, if you search “Fixie-Tapes” in google you will find His/Her soundcloud! Also, just a warning – while listening to a Roger song is definitely the equivalent to taking a really good multi-vitamin for your brain, If you listen while consuming ‘special’ snacks the rumor is His/Their music can put holes in your head; all but one track that is – the track that i’ve seemed to forget about while going off on a Kroosty adventure.

Back to the bandcamp track, Jah. (it’s) A Psychadelic Dawn. It starts out with a humble introduction using some wood percussions, then hand drums lead the way and not long into it we’ve got a guitar leading curiosity with some minimalistic accompaniment. And then BOOM, We’re spinning up – we’ve got bass, we’ve got delay, we’ve got what sounds like a DUB track, and like that, we’re sucked into the universe of sound and painted into our imaginative landscapes as astronauts, flying crotch-rockets over low altitudes of alien desert terrain; burning peyote fuel and observing psychedelic exhaust spew streams of cosmic color into the bleak blue desert sky; leaving behind interstellar clouds that only a Roger fan could fathom. Then, like all great chemically enriched reality experiences, the track finally unravels, and you feel a warm relief wash over you as the final few bars de-couple and vanish into the abyss, and we have the finishing bass conclusion.

See the source image

FUCK that song is so good.

The track’s runtime is 7:04. The DUB characteristics are superb. It’s also worth mentioning that this track is entirely improv, which is fucking fantastic. I think His/Their should make more tracks like this. DUB from the Dutch. It’s kind of one of those moments you get when you realize these things go so well together. Where I’m from, and probably where you’re from too, the Dutch are well known for marijuana cultivation of the best quality. It’s also understood that DUB is much of a Reggae subgenre, and all I’m saying is if you put the 2 things together then, you get The Rogers, DUB edition. Jah!

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