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Snackbag #05


Ever just walk in a straight line and then out of nowhere feel like you’re being pulled to one side? Me either, but imagine a simple canvas, a lone wanderer traveling a long road to face foreboding mountains in some shadowy distance somewhere. On both sides of the road are charlatans and vagrants calling heed to your vulnerability and trying their best to bait you into giving them something of yours. Well, life is a lot like that.

Pan the camera left and we have Coke and Pepsi fighting for your allegiance, Red vs Blue. Pan the camera right and we have Liberals and Conservatives trying to find a piece of your mind to occupy. Cut to camera A: Dawn Dish-detergent. Camera B: Sunlight! Iphone vs Android, Apple vs Samsung, Fox News vs CNN; the point is Corporate Mindshare. Maybe you knew what kind of bullshit was at hand here and just never knew the terminology for it but the fact remains, as we walk towards the end of our lives down that long-ass road, vagrants and charlatans are trying to take something from you; a facet of your cognition.

Washes down nice with a glass of Coke!

“So don’t drink the Kool-Aid, I swear it’s not my fault. Enjoy the brainwash! You’re in a Fucking Cult!”, that’s one bad-ass chorus and if you listen to the lyric set-up here in each verse it’s such genius writing, it’s such marvelous siren of warning as we all share the same journey and travel similar roads to the end of our times. Charlatans, Vagrants trying to occupy some of that brain fat real-estate with their email and social media campaigning. Remember the “Insurrection” on Washington? Social Media fucking dominated peoples decision making processes that day. Man.. This is a great song.

I first heard this track some few months back on the holy and highly coveted WMFWP (Weird Music For Weird People) Facebook group. When it came out the group was kind of quiet and there wasn’t much discussion around the track. But it left a big impression on me. The video accompanying the song has some strong exploitation cinema vibes – it reminds me of the stuff Troma Films produce. The video is 10/10.

The song is super catchy. It’s arrangements are simple, punk grooves and crunchy dirty bass and guitar. The lyricsist resonates the energy that she doesn’t give a flying fuck what you think about her or the other members in the band. I love the vocal arrangement in this track, it does a lot of heavy lifting over the repetitive guitar and bass bringing in interesting, whining and moaning background vocals that swirl over the chorus (and like I said, that’s a hell of a chorus). Over-all, the song’s got sex appeal, it’s got trash, dirt and all kinds of shit. It’s an easy no-brainer that listening to this is a good investment to make.

I urge you to drink this Kool-Aid.

I don’t know very much about the group who made this, other than you can subscribe to this youtube channel for some hope that more music like this get’s released in the near future! If you look through the videos in this channel you’ll find all sorts of things, including live performances of what looks like another band “The Fuckies“. Now that’s an interesting title.

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