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entrée #02

Hey, Listen to this,

Isn’t that fresh? For me? It feels like I just ripped the cellophane off of a perfectly preserved cassette tape, threw it into my gorilla mouth and pressed the play button. What happened next? I tilted backwards and seized up as stiff as a board, only to fall like a 20lb bag of coffee beans that slipped from the hands of a poorly incentivized 5 year old on the Columbian Coffee farms. After that, I found myself wonderfully aroused by primal, carnal desire, and that’s when my pelvic banana grew towards the ceiling with extreme voracity, supplementing it’s size with every ounce of blood and meat from my body until, sweet jezebels, a banana split! But hey, you’re not allowed to have desert yet. We haven’t even touched on the main course yet. This meal’s all about SonicVoodoo, a band who first formed in the early 90’s and made a noteworthy contribution to the booming Thrash Metal scene.

Lucky for me, the bands guitarist Darrell is a member of the most excellent Weird Music For Weird People Facebook group and made a contribution of one of the bands more… experimental tracks. That’s when Ol’ Kroosty “tits McGee” (aka Me) took notice to their unique sound and decided to go for a skinny-dip in their YouTube channel. That’s when the musical boner arrived.

You see, I was swooned by sounds and grooves so raw and barbaric they would find approval from the toughest and noblest upright Something-Or-Other-Sapiens. Actually, come to think of it, a twitter verified blue hair fact checker confirmed that the Smithsonian Museum has in their collection a one of a kind, pine-sap pressing from SV’s spiritual ancestor “Jurassic Hoodoo”.

Wait, wait, wait, da Fuq is Thrash Metal?!

Pinch your tits and focus now, this is all for you:

It was somewhere in the late formative years of the 1970’s when Hardcore Punk and NWOBHM got a little bit of the ‘Cat Scratch Fever’, smashed their musical genitals together to create an electric, ear cleaning solution titled, “Thrash Metal”, to be referred to again throughout this blog simply as Thrash – as it should be. Maybe you have questions; you want to know who was the first thrash band? Well, if I had fucks to give about your petty questions I’d probably hide the highly debated and controversial answer in one of these hyperlinks. The point I’m getting to is that you wouldn’t have Thrash music today if it weren’t for the beforementioned genre’s and their explicit interactions with each other. The idea to breed punk and metal together was a genius idea.

So anyways, thrash music was born and a lot of really cool bands were formed like Slayer, Anthrax, and Exodus. In case you have no idea what Thrash is and you’d like to partake in the exercise of enlightenment, I collected a few songs and threw them in this playlist, if you haven’t heard thrash – It will change your life.

Thrash, is an excellent vehicle for the release of anger and frustrations, but what’s most overlooked by it’s critics is it’s ability to bring people in unison as they boot hop in a spiraling swarm of madness to the intense tempo and stage of analog driven, distorted electric noise. We call this phenomenon “The Mosh” where people of all backgrounds, sexual identities, creeds, races and ugly faces join together in unquestionable fellowship – if for only for a few hours, until the roadies start packing up the stage equipment and the venue prepares to close it’s doors – to enhance each others place in existence.

Back to the band…

It’s hard to believe this band started around the same time I began shouting “MMMM BOP SUCKS!” and “KILL THE PURPLE DINOSAUR!” in grade school – that doesn’t mean these guys are dinosaurs by any stretch, just that Barney and the Hanson brothers are a bunch of assholes and SonicVoodoo fuckin’ rules.. Check out their live video from 1995. Here they’re playing “Ripperhead” off their album “Pieces of a Steel Slab 30” album:

Looking through their discography and not consulting them directly at all because that would make too much fuckin’ sense, the bands members have changed over time. The album I personally fell in love with though and am giving praise for being a Thrash Metal triumph is definitely, hands down their “Pieces of a Steel Slab” offering. You can listen to it here:

That came out in 93, but the band was together and making music since 91. You can hear just how tight the band is on their first offering. These guys are absolutely no joke, their musicianship really came through in the recording and after about 10 seconds listening to the first track, it was easy to identify that what I stumbled upon was something special and to be celebrated with others.

Let’s talk about something that I can see others not really getting off the hop though. These dudes.. They come from a time and place that is alien to kids and teenagers today, so with that, let’s get into the sort of ideology of what their day to day would have been like back then. Just to re-iterate, I’m gonna talk about who the band is now, but through some context filters i’m gonna draft out for you – there needs to be some context, some frame of reference so I don’t end up hearing your squeeky eyeballs roll as you read further.

  • This band was birthed from the early 1990’s.
    • Those times had tall ideas about what the future was going to be like.
    • We still used rotary telephones back then, a cellphone was a movie prop you saw a businessman carrying around in his convertible.
    • Most media was still being created with 2d animation, 35mm film and real life special effects.
    • We spent a lot of time outside back then, going to concerts, the mall, the skate park.
    • Old folks were literally WW2 veterans who thought the younger generation were fucked up and pissing all over their sacrifices.
    • Cable TV and Jerry Springer.
  • The guys were maybe in their 20’s at that time.
  • They grew up with MTV when it was actually made of fuckin’ music videos.
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Ok, context complete. All that build up for this, the dudes have the coolest 90’s names:

  • Drummer: “Jungle Bob”
  • Guitarist: “Double Barrel Darrell”
  • Vocalist: “Case Humper”
  • Bass Player: “Grotus”

All I can think of is how cool it would have been had they had their own movie, I see it playing out something like the Toxic Avenger meets Street Sharks, gratuitous violence, nudity, drug use, excessive gore and sex; wrapped up in a package of hard plastic and sold on VHS, hidden from you way up high in your fathers closet.

Anyways, you can get a full bio on these guys and their story, here.

Like I was explaining earlier, Thrash was boiling hot back in the day; it had an intense music scene, and a bad rap for perpetuating violent behavior. Metal in general had been paved over by grunge and “Alternative Rock” where we heard a lot about feelings and self loathing, and now, todays music literally promotes drug use, promiscuity and laziness (see Cardi-B, Harry Styles, etc etc). Just recently, a very good friend of mine sat me down with a ton of examples of the toxic music running rampant in our mainstream listening channels. He meticulously went through the first 10 on the billboard and I just sat, dumbfounded and upset. Today’s music leaves no room for the imagination and is incredibly narrative. There’s no poetry anymore ladies and gents.

Anyways, the point of all this is that good music is often overshadowed by popular music. “Good music” should never be conflated with “Popular Music”. Popular music is generally made to sell a social topology. Good music exists because it speaks it’s language fluently, expresses it’s ideas with perfect execution and relies on actual blood pumping through it’s creators veins. Good music comes from the heart; it’s only sometimes that, “Popular Music” is made there too. SonicVoodoo play by their own rules, while it might be easy to draft comparisons to musical genres/ styles and vibes, I get a strong feeling these guys play for themselves before playing to the popularity checklist that excites the top 40’s brigade.

On that note, I’m told the new stuff that’s being written by the band is actually channeling that energy and power from their early years (the shit I fell in love with). That makes me most excited because while I can still have fun with the songs posted on their YouTube page over the last couple of years, for me, personally they don’t come close to that “Steel Slab” album. Their music POST Steel Slab is very experimental, but also, very obviously SonicVoodoo, containing those trademark caveman drum grooves and hard guitar riffs, but the songs are more playful and somewhat cheesy in comparison. Check this track out, it’s super weird, very sexy with that thick bass, and switches between Funk and Metal on the fly. The lyrics are hilarious, and the vocals remind me strongly of what we hear from Faith No More. I think the experience you get listening to it is accurately representative of its title, It get’s really disorienting listening to the funk/ metal changeups; at one point the track feels like it’s going to turn into an early 90’s LL CoolJ song. Fuckin’ weird, man.

Closing thoughts?

It’s 2022, the band is working hard on tightening up their sound and hitting some venues. I really hope this get’s them into the touring circuit as I’d love to see these guys play in Kroosty Ville. Check this rehearsal footage out, fuckin tight! AMIRITE?

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  1. Kroosty, we can’t thank you enough for this awesome article about Sonic Voodoo!!

    We write and play music because we love it, and we would do it regardless if anyone is listening.

    But, reading your articulate and hilarious perspective about us and the metal we dig makes it so much funner!

    Keep rockin’, my friend!


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